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oasis of self-connection for the busy urban life

therapeutical bodywork, energy healing, sound healing

Hi, I'm Joanna

a queer & gender expansive Earth fairy, neurodivergent (aka neuro-expansive), tender & brave, small & strong. An embodiment coach, therapeutical bodyworker, an intuitive healer,
a grounded psychic + pleasure & joy activist. P
rojector in human design, obsessed with embodiment & astrology.
Often called 'a little beam of light'.

In a world that's constantly on the run, I'm an advocate for rest, practising close communication with your body and cultivating deep body (both physical and energetic) awareness.


On a mission to make the world a softer, kinder & more self-connected place.

The world doesn't need more burnt out, disconnected people, it needs you FULL.

I'm here to help you fill up your cup.

Changing the world, bit by bit, angels! ✌🏻


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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

What Joanna offers is not just a massage but an experience! Starting from creating a little oasis in your own home, the way she holds the space for you, these divinely aromatic oils she makes and the massage itself which is nothing I have ever experienced before! She is fully present and it can be felt. There is such a tremendous amount of care in her touch and the assisted yoga stretches make you feel a new level of openness and lightness - you feel renewed!

She also encourages you to set an intention before the treatment and to work with an affirmation.

This isn’t just any massage and she is a true blessing!



The most intuitive and gifted massage therapist you will find. She always knows exactly what my body needs and leaves me feeling nourished and nurtured. She is strong, knowledgable and a very lovely kind soul too!


​​Joanna is a very special person and I love all her offerings. She has a unique knowledge of the spiritual realm & every treatment or workshop space she has held has left me on Cloud 9. She has an natural healing energy, which you can even feel through zoom. Thank you so much for everything Joanna!



I had an incredible distant Reiki healing session via Zoom.

If you've never had Reiki - I really recommend it, and I wish I could explain how much more than just energy healing it is. Especially from Jo! I've had two sessions with her and after each my mind has been blown.

Oh, and her grounding is just brilliant!




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London, United Kingdom

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