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oasis of self-connection in the busy urban life

massage therapy, energy healing, sound healing, embodiment coaching
trauma-informed, consent led, inclusive & LGBTQ+ friendly


Hi, I'm Joanna 

a queer & gender expansive Earth fairy, neurodivergent (aka neuro-expansive), tender & brave, small & strong. An embodiment coach, therapeutical bodyworker, an intuitive healer,
a grounded psychic + pleasure & joy activist. P
rojector in human design, obsessed with embodiment & astrology.
Often called 'a little beam of light'.

In a world that's constantly on the run, I'm an advocate for practising close communication with your body and cultivating embodied self-awareness.

On a mission to make the world a softer, kinder, more self-connected, consciously embodied & community-oriented place.

I’m here to help you tap into the innate wisdom of your body you may have lost within the demands of the busy urban life. The world doesn't need more burnt-out, disconnected people, it needs you FULL.

I'm here to help you fill up your cup. And more so - to help you master doing it well yourself!

Changing the world, bit by bit, angels! ✌🏻


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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Joanna creates such a calm and welcoming atmosphere from the moment you walk in. I felt so taken care of, considered and safe. This is one of my first massages of this kind, and Joanna explained the whole process and want to expect. They were such a great guide, physically and spiritually. It was so clear the joy, passion and commitment that Joanna puts into their practice. I left feeling revitalised and full of knowledge to take with me beyond the session. Very pleased and will be back again :) thanks Joanna!


This was my first experience with healing, and it definitley went above my expectations. I had been feeling a bit stuck and unbalanced for a while and this session made me feel so much better and it opened my eyes on how to enjoy my life more. Joanna made me feel very comfortable during the session, and after the session I have been feeling more balanced and a lot happier then I did before coming to see her. Forever greatful, will be back!



Saying Joanna is amazing is an understatement. Bestest therapist one can find in the city! I love the energy and vibe during the session and afterwards that I get to take on with me. Love your spirit and please keep spreading joy!


This ayurvedic yoga massage was such a special experience. Joanna has a level of empathy in their practice that is very difficult to find. I left the treatment feeling so much more balanced in myself, both physically & mentally. I can't recommend Joanna enough and I will definitely rebook in the future.


I was thinking about trying reiki for a little while, and am so glad I did. Joanna made me feel at ease right from the moment I arrived, and I already look forward to my next session.



Joanna’s massage was *otherwordly*, I felt so taken care of and safe in their space and company and it was exactly what I needed. I couldn’t have been more grateful for the time and effort that went into my treatment and the overall experience was just incredible. I won’t be going anywhere else now and will be returning to this lovely haven in London for sure. THANK YOU ❤️


Joanna is literally an angel. They took such care of me! I booked the 90 Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and it was heaven. It was the perfect reset - thank you Joanna! 🧡



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London, United Kingdom

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