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What Joanna offers is not just a massage but an experience! Starting from creating a little oasis in your own home, the way she holds the space for you, these divinely aromatic oils she makes and the massage itself which is nothing I have ever experienced before! She is fully present and it can be felt. There is such a tremendous amount of care in her touch and the assisted yoga stretches make you feel a new level of openness and lightness - you feel renewed!

She also encourages you to set an intention before the treatment and to work with an affirmation.

This isn’t just any massage and she is a true blessing!



Joanna's massage was very intuitive she applies the perfect pressure and finds areas of tension without needing to let her know. This means you can just relax and trust that she totally knows her business. I could tell she had excellent training and she loves her work. Her massage is a joy and leaves you feeling stress free and with a great feeling of wellbeing. I recommend her massage to anyone who is interested in having a massage from someone who really cares about what they do and about you.


I have been fortunate enough to be able to utilise Joanna's service for the past seven months. I have found it invaluable in managing both my insomnia and my anxiety, having many nourishing nights sleep as a direct result. Joanna is both widely experienced and highly emphatic. 
I will continue to utilise her dedicated and compassionate skillset. 




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