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Spiritual mentorship

This very special offering utilises my psychic gifts & energy healing tools and is designed to:

• empower you

• help you find clarity

• get clear of your unconscious blocks 

• offer you practical guidance on how to move through these blocks & invite shift into the timeline you are currently struggling with/ feel stuck in


'Healing is not the absence of the storm. 
Healing is the way we ride it.'

Jarem Sawatsky

Booking this session means you are ready to go deeper, ‘do the work’ and you're ready to receive my insights, advice and guidance.

Each session will be unique and tailored specifically to you but will likely consist of:


  • a guided meditation

  • an embodiment exercise

  • a conversation where I attentively tune in to your words, body language and your energy, help you notice your blind spots & suggest easy to follow and pragmatic tools to support your process and intention

  • a breathwork exercise

  • a short energy activation

  • grounding

These sessions are held in person at my treatment room. 

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