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Thank you for booking your treatment!
Before your appointment, please make sure you have completed client consultation form including Covid-19 screening form & read through the care guide below to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Please remember, I am a mobile massage therapist and I may need to use public transport to get to you. Make sure you are ok with that when booking your treatment. 

1. Please only book your treatment if you are not showing any symptoms of Covid-19. If you have a cough, are feeling unwell or have a temperature, please refrain from booking or let me know immediately if you already have an appointment booked in advance as we will need to reschedule.
7. I will be wearing a face mask during the treatment to protect us both from the pesky droplets. It's up to you whether you'd like to use one too.

2. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, as well as Vibroacoustic massage, is performedon a futon laid on the floor (similarly to Thai massage).

I tend to use a client's duvet that we roll up on the floor on top of a yoga mat, to create a futon, which is then covered with a vinyl mattress protector and sheets I bring with me.  Alternatively, I can bring over a futon, covered with a vinyl mattress protector and sheets. Please let me know which option you are most comfortable with when booking your treatment.

8. Please wash your hands thoroughly before the treatment.

I will be doing the same as soon as I enter your house and once again just before starting the treatment.

9. Due to the current Government's guidelines, I am now able to offer you a face and head massage as well but let me know if would prefer to skip that.
3. I will contact you 24 hours before your treatment to screen you for potential Covid-19 symptoms.
10. When your treatment is finished please wash your hands again and avoid touching your face before you do this.
4. I would encourage you to ventilate the room we will be using for your treatment before and after the treatment is finished.

11. I will have a hand sanitiser handy at all times may either of us need to use it. Please note hand sanitiser should not be used in lieu of hand washing.

5. Upon arrival I will take my shoes off as soon as I enter or if possible leave them outside your house.
6. I will sanitise my hands before entering your home and wash them throughly before setting up the space and once again just before beginning the treatment.
12. As always, all the sheets and textiles are only used once and they are washed after each use in a high temperature wash to ensure cleanliness and infection control.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your cooperation!
We have to look after each other :)
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