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Radiant Pussy Club

Radiant Pussy Club is a safe and judgment-free space for women of all walks of life to talk about all things sex.

Cis women, trans women and anyone on the feminine spectrum is welcome.

It’s an inclusive, safe space.

A club.

Nothing too fancy, too ‘spiritual’ or overwhelming.

A place where you can come and talk and laugh and cry or simply be and listen and feel held, supported and empowered by the community of women around you.

If you ever in your life felt ashamed, embarrassed or confused about anything to do with sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, periods or your body - this is the space where we bring all the taboo stuff to the light and de-stigmatise all of it one by one.

All this whilst being held by a community of other women ready to open up, claim their pleasure, their bodies and sexuality.


It took me a wee while to get to the place where I'm at now with my body, my sexuality, self-confidence and identity.

A whole tonne of internalised false beliefs from society, family and peers have been shifted within my system over the years.

And I tell you what, if I, someone who used to be an impossibly self-conscious and shame ridden human, can feel as empowered and liberated as I do now - you, babes, can do it too. 




This is a space for you if you ever:

  • Haven’t had people to talk to about your queries or doubts about sex, 

  • Felt like your desires or sexual expression is shameful 

  • felt guilty or confused about your sexual desires and tried to repress them

  • Felt like you’re ‘weird’ because you are sexual

  • Judged or felt ashamed about your body

  • If you have questions about sex, sensuality, pleasure, periods but were too shy to ask or discuss them with others

  • If you just LOVE talking about sex

  • You want to meet other empowered women ready to claim their bodies, sexuality and pleasure

  • You want to be held by and be part of a growing community

  • If you simply love meeting new interesting people

  • Or you want to be surrounded by people openly talking about sex and their experiences

You will never be forced to talk at Radiant Pussy Club. This isn’t a classic women’s circle where we pass a stick around and you talk when it’s your turn. You talk when you have something to say, making sure you are respectful of others.

If you simply want to witness the space and hear other people speak, you are more than welcome too. Being surrounded by other women openly and vulnerably sharing their stories is incredibly healing and empowering in itself. I can guarantee there are others who experienced something similar to you or baffled with a similar issue - simply realising you are not alone brings a tremendous relief.

Why am I holding this event?

I want to see more sexually empowered and liberated humans walking the Earth.

I want to see women claim their pleasure as their birthright.

I want to see women unapologetically owning their desires, communicating their needs and boundaries and knowing they not only can have them met, but that having them met is inevitable as soon as they stand in their power.
I want to see crowds of empowered, sassy women, strutting down the streets, owning their bodies, their sensuality and their pleasure.
I want sex to be a conversation topic that doesn’t make you want to roll your eyes, look away, blush or judge another for their sexual expression or desire.
I believe sex is not shameful, dirty and it’s not supposed to be taboo. Sex is beautiful and playful and so are our bodies and sensuality.


I realised the fact we don't talk about sex openly is the reason for our confusion around sex. And that this confusion leads to suppression.
And this suppression, this build up of emotions/energy prevents our full embodiment. 

I realised that the more we talk about sex and bodies and all things sexual, the more we bring it out of the darkness of taboo  vcbcand into the light, the less scary, embarrassing, shameful and lonely this part of our lives and experiences related to it feel.

If you feel this is something you’d like to take part in - booking link in bio

We see each other on

Tuesday 19th April 7pm in NW3

(full address will be sent upon booking)

Energetic exchange - £5 but more abundant donations are welcome 🙏🏻 



Bring friends, sisters, mothers, your lovers, bearing in mind this is a women only event!

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