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How to prepare for an Ayurvedic Yoga massage?

  • For your comfort, please make sure you don’t eat immediately before the massage
    A light meal about 1-2h before is perfect.

  • Make sure you wear comfortable underwear, as you will be asked to undress down to it. Keep in mind you will be covered by a sheet most of the time. I will only lift the areas of the sheet to reveal the parts I need to work on. If you aren’t comfortable removing your clothes, please make sure to speak up prior to booking and we will discuss adjusting the treatment to suit your needs.

  • Make sure you inform me of any medical conditions, recent surgeries or allergies.

  • You may want to prepare an intention you would like to work with during the session but this is optional. 

  • Always speak up if you are uncomfortable during the treatment! Give honest feedback and do inform me of any discomfort immediately. The treatment is your time and I want to make sure we work together to make it your best experience.

  • After the treatment, you will be asked to lay in silence for a few minutes.
    This helps to integrate all the work that has been done in your physical and energetic body. Do not feel like you need to rush off, this is your time.

  • Take your time and get up slowly. Getting up to quickly may cause dizziness. You will be guided to 'wake up' into feeling your body after few minutes of quiet integration.

  • If possible, try to schedule some time to relax after the treatment.

  • The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself.
    Massage should be enjoyable, and I'm sure that after your first experience, you'll be counting the minutes until your next treatment :)

  • Massage has the greatest benefits with regular use. The effects are cumulative, meaning that over time your body and mind will begin to feel less tense and agitated, more centred, relaxed and harmonious. Commitment to regular sessions is especially important if you would like to reduce the effects of anxiety, insomnia or chronic pain.

  • Decide if you can commit to more than one session. While it's not essential to have multiple sessions, you will see a larger benefit from doing several sessions in a row, rather than a one-off. Try a session every two weeks for a couple of months, for instance, to reap the full benefits.


Here's how an ayurvedic yoga massage treatment can look like, performed by my teacher Despina Psarra

What to expect during an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage?

  • Ayurvedic Yoga Massage works with both oil massage and assisted stretches, which means you gain all the benefits of both.

  • A session starts with an oil massage using hands and feet, which gradually warms up and softens muscle tissues, fascia and organs, helps to regulate your breathing and improves circulation.

  • I work specifically with the rhythm of your breath and assist your breathing. This not only makes the treatment more pleasant to you but also helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which allows for very effective relaxation and helps to release the tension from even the most ‘stuck’ parts of your body.

  • I take time to understand your needs and your limits so you never feel over or underworked.

  • I use natural, organic oils and powdered ground root of Acorus calamus (a wetland plant from the sweet flag family) gives a pleasant exfoliating feeling, but mainly helps to improve circulation and warm up the tissues, intensifying the benefits of the massage.

  • The oil massage is supported by gentle mobilisations, tractions and assisted (passive) yoga stretches. This helps lengthen the tissues in a functional way, useful if you’ve had injuries. These gentle movements help to relax the tendons and ligaments and to improve the synovial fluid in the joints.

  • Massaging, moving or stretching very tense muscles can sometimes cause pain, resistance or agitation. The mindful touch and deep, relaxed breathing that AYM offers, helps to retrain the nervous system to not react in this way. This is very beneficial for moving you out of chronic pain.

  • The holistic approach of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage gives a lasting feeling of being centred, where you are less likely to feel agitated or restless, and instead experience increased clarity of thought, feeling of centredness and greater body awareness.

Post-massage aftercare

  • Stay hydrated – water and herbal tea is most recommended.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol immediately after the treatment and ideally also the day after.

  • Stay warm, especially in colder weather (scarf wrapped around your neck will help you keep your neck and shoulder muscles relaxed for longer).

  • Stay  relaxed as much as you can.

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for about 24-48h after the treatment.

  • You may feel a little bit stiff the day after the massage, just like we do if we exercise after a period of inactivity – some gentle aerobic activity including stretches should warm up and soften the stiffness.

  • In the very unlikely event that you are feeling any intense pain after the session, please do get in touch immediately.

  • Tell your friends and family about the wonderful treatment you have experienced – your referrals are the biggest compliment! :)

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